We believe that elderly people deserves to be happy, relaxed, active and social. This can be achieved by spending their quality time with other people. 
As a senior, would you want a friendly social environment that includes good health, mental stimulation, physiotherapy exercises, basic nursing services and access to physicians, or just a place to rest for a while and socialize with your peer group?
As a concerned family member, would you like to provide your elderly parent additional support and also give yourself some respite from day-to-day care?
"Beyond60" is a 'Social Enterprise' and here to make a difference in the lives of our elders and their families.







We arrange regular events at periodical intervals to keep you happy, active and social.

  • Mentally & physically stimulating activities for cognitive skill maintenance and development by arts, crafts various hobbies, yoga & gentle exercises
  • Team activities like karaoke, line dancing, sing-along, antakshari, housie etc for shared social interaction
  • Positive group discussion on books, films, school days, success sharing etc
  • Festival, birthday and special occasion celebrations
  • Learning and sharing sessions on age appropriate topics like understanding diabetes, heart diseases, preventing falls, foot injuries, nutrition, etc.


Your retirement deserves to be happy, relaxed and sociable.